Clinical Highlights

The Division of Respiratory Medicine offers general respirology outpatient clinics situated both at The Ottawa Hospital (Civic and General Campuses) as well as in community clinics in Ottawa and in the surrounding area.  We serve as a tertiary care referral centre for the Champlain LHIN and for other areas of Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

We have a 16 bed inpatient unit at The General Campus of The Ottawa Hospital.  Patients admitted to this unit are diverse and can include patients with interstitial lung diseases, obstructive lung diseases, CF, lung cancer patients, post lung transplant patients, and patients with neuromuscular diseases who may be chronically ventilated.   We also serve as the referral center for all lung health problems in Nunavut and regularly provide inpatient services for Nunavut respiratory patients.

Our division has numerous subspecialty clinics offering state of the art care to patients in our region.  We hold a pulmonary hypertension clinic weekly at The Ottawa Heart Institute, there is a weekly cystic fibrosis clinic, there are several weekly sleep clinics, there are bi-weekly pleurex clinics, lung cancer assessment clinics, and neuromuscular diseases clinics.  Division members run an inpatient and outpatient pulmonary rehabilitation unit at The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre, as well as an outpatient chronic ventilatory management unit for patients with neuromuscular diseases.  There are 2 TB clinics per week and one non-tuberculous mycobacteria clinic a month.

The division has 18 sleep medicine beds at The General and Civic Campuses for overnight polysomnograms.  Diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopies occur every weekday morning at both campuses and usually last for ½ day sessions.    Medical pleuroscopies are done twice weekly by Dr. Amjadi in the endoscopy suites.  Endobronchial ultrasound guided biopsies of lung lesions and mediastinal lymph nodes are done regularly by Dr. Amjadi, as are airway stent insertions and airway laser therapy for endobronchial tumors.

In summary, Divisional members have clinical expertise in all aspects of general and subspecialty Respiratory Medicine.  Specialized clinics cater to patients with respiratory disease who require tertiary and quaternary-level care.