Research in Neurology

Clinician investigators in the Division of Neurology combine with basic neuroscientists in the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ottawa to form one of the strongest translational research groups in brain research in Canada. Areas of specific strength in clinical research are in multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease and cerebrovascular disease.  Ottawa is also proud to be the head-office location for national research networks such as the Canadian Stroke Network, a network of centres of excellence, and the Parkinson’s Research Consortium. As well, Ottawa is a founding member of the Heart and Stroke Foundation Centre for Stroke Recovery.

Clinician-investigators collaborate with a strong group of laboratory investigators in neuroscience.  Basic research interests span the spectrum from molecular mechanisms such as signaling molecules, receptor function, neurotransmission, and cellular physiology, to the genetic determinants of disease onset, progression and recovery.  Specific interests include laboratory models of clinically relevant conditions, risk factors for brain injury, biomarkers, optimum environments for recovery of neurological function, and pharmacological therapy. Together, these investigators are making important inroads into understanding and alleviating neurological conditions.

The creation of the University of Ottawa Brain and Mind Institute will allow further specific collaborative growth in the field of cognitive neurology.

Visit the Faculty Research Interests page to access a complete list of members and their areas of interest.

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