Nephrology Postgraduate Elective Overview

Welcome to your rotation in nephrology at the University of Ottawa.  We provide an experience that exposes you to a wide variety of renal, acid base and electrolyte disorders.  In addition, there is opportunity to learn about renal transplant and dialysis issues.

Depending on your program and your level of training, you may be covering the nephrology ward, nephrology inpatient consult service, general nephrology clinics or a combination of these.  A Resident’s Block Schedule will be emailed to you prior to starting the rotation.


The nephrology inpatient ward is located on 7NW at the General campus.  The team usually consists of the nephrologist, nephrology fellow and 1-3 junior residents.  In addition we have a RN nephrology assistant as part of our team.  The team usually meets at 8am in the nephrology office (N2) or on the ward for morning sign over.

Consult Service

You will be working with the nephrologist covering new consults and follow-ups of inpatient ward and ICU at the General campus, and new consults in the ER.


Most residents who are doing 2 months of nephrology will spend up to half of their rotation to be in the general nephrology clinics at the Riverside Campus 5th floor.  Some blocks do not have sufficient resources to allow a full clinic month.  You will be assigned a different clinic/ nephrologist each day.  Clinics usually start at 8am each morning, but vary.  Please check the next day’s clinic list for specifics.  One of the nephrologists will take an opportunity to review your dictated clinic letters with you during this rotation.

On Call

Call is at the General Campus and is in-house.  You will be covering the nephrology inpatients; patients followed by the nephrology consult service and new consults on the ward and in the ER.  You are not expected to cover the dialysis unit (AKU), so the only calls from there should be concerning patients already being followed by the inpatient or consult team.  Please discuss all new consults and admissions, and any other issues you like with the nephrology fellow who is on call with you.

We follow the PAIRO agreement, and therefore you are expected to do no more than one in four call. Please ask the Nephrology fellow on service with you for the access code to the call room.

Your call schedule will be emailed to you prior to the rotation as per PAIRO guidelines.

If you need to change your call after the schedule has been published, you are responsible for making a switch with another resident and having it approved by Celine Dery, educational administrative assistant.


All residents must be excused from their clinical service to attend their core program rounds and academic half day.  Please remind your nephrologist well in advance that you will be leaving.

In addition, we have several other educational rounds you should attend:

Renal Tutorial Course

    This is an informal teaching session led by the nephrology fellow or attending nephrologist 3 days per week, usually Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays at 1pm in the dialysis conference room (but time and place can vary depending on your nephrologist).  The topics covered will consist of general nephrology, acid base and electrolyte problems.  If there is something else you would like covered, please discuss with your attending or fellow.

    Friday Morning Rounds

      These occur at 8am on Fridays and consist of case presentations, renal biopsy rounds or evidence based nephrology rounds.

      Nephrology Grand Rounds

        You are welcome to attend every Tuesday at 5pm in the Nephrology Conference Room on the 5th floor at the Riverside Campus.


        You will be evaluated and have an ITER completed by the nephrologist who has spent the most time with you during your rotation.  In addition, if you have been in the clinic, you will have an encounter card completed after each clinic, which will be compiled into a clinic rotation ITER.

        We Want to Hear From You

        If you have feedback about your time with us, please feel free to discuss with your supervisor, and myself (see Staff directory below).  In addition, to further improve the rotation, please complete evaluations of the staff and the rotation via web eval.  Evaluations are pooled and are confidential.  We appreciate your input!

        If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact Celine Dery, educational administrative assistant at 82509. Good luck!

        Cedric Edwards

        Nephrology Rotation Coordinator