Fellowships in the Division of Nephrology

We are excited to offer different training and learning opportunities as listed below in the field of Nephrology.

The Division of Nephrology at the University of Ottawa is one of the biggest programs in the Province of Ontario. We are one of the largest Home dialysis and Renal Transplant programs in the country.

We offer a number of clinical fellowships in Nephrology including (please click on link to access the program description):

  1. Clinical Fellowship in General Nephrology
  2. Renal Transplant Fellowship
  3. Home Dialysis Fellowship
  4. Hypertension Fellowship
  5. Critical Care Nephrology Fellowship
  6. Advanced Hemodialysis Fellowship
  7. MCK Fellowship
Visit our Department of Medicine Fellowship section for Complete information about these programs.

We accept applications for General Nephrology Clinical Fellowship all year round. Interviews (telephone or onsite) for Renal Transplant, Home Dialysis and Hypertension, will be coordinated in November of each year. Therefore please budget enough time for your application to be submitted to the Post-graduate Office (PGME) at the University of Ottawa. Lesli Ransome can direct you to their current website for submission of application (see below). We recommend having all your documents submitted by September 15th.

For International Medical Graduates: To obtain a postgraduate medical education certification of registration (educational licence) from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario (CPSO), all clinical fellows are required to complete the CPSO’s Pre-Entry Assessment Program (PEAP) and obtain educational licence from the CPSO prior to acceptance into the fellowship program. The required PEAP is typically 8 weeks but can be extended to 12 weeks if necessary (prior to the commencement of the fellowship). PEAP is an assessment process (for IMG’s ) that determines whether they can function at their reported level of training (PGY-4 or higher). PEAP facilitates assessment of candidates in a supervised clinical environment, traditionally on the nephrology inpatient or consult services. You will be required to perform night-call duties during this period. After successful completion of the PEAP, the CPSO will convert the PEAP registration to an unrestricted educational licence. If the candidate is unsuccessful in the PEAP s/he is ineligible for continuation of the training and will have to leave the programme. Please contact Celine Dery (cdery@ottawahospital.on.ca). She will direct you to the current site for registration at the University of Ottawa (Post-graduate Medical Education(PGME) ). Once processed and reviewed by PGME application will be forwarded to Dr. Cedric Edwards and Dr Mohan Biyani for review by the selection committee.

For US or Canadian Medical School graduate who have completed Residency training in US or Canada: Please contact Celine Dery (cdery@ottawahospital.on.ca). She will direct you to the current site for registration at the University of Ottawa (Post-graduate Medical Education (PGME)). Once processed and reviewed by PGME they will forward your application to Dr. Cedric Edwards and Dr Mohan Biyani for review by the selection committee.

Once accepted by the Nephrology Fellowship Committee, certified copies of the applicant’s medical degree and transcripts must be provided, in addition to a number of other necessary documents. The application is then forwarded to the Postgraduate Programs Office in the Department of Medicine at the University of Ottawa for further processing. Based on examination of the documents provided, the Postgraduate Programs Office will determine eligibility and then forward supporting information to the relevant agencies for issuance of an educational license and temporary visa.

Health care is mandatory, and enrollment in the University Health Insurance Plan can be completed upon arrival in Canada, until the public health system takes over after three months. The applicant will be responsible for medical coverage for family members.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Lesli Ransome (lransome@ottawahospital.ca).


Lesli Ransome Program Administrator Education, Nephrology
Dr. Mohan Biyani Program Director Adult Nephrology
Dr. Mohan Biyani Fellowship Director Adult Nephrology




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