Leadership & Members

The Ottawa Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology is a large group that works collaboratively to provide excellent, evidence-based care in an academic environment.  Our collegial group is known nationally for our leading educators and researchers, and their influence enriches the clinical environment, contributing to the exemplary care that we strive for.

Greg Knoll MD FRCPC

Head, Division of Nephrology

Dr. Greg Knoll is the current Division Head for the Division of Nephrology (effective July 1, 2016) and Vice-Chair of Research for the Department of Medicine. READ MORE

Dr. Mohan Biyani is an Asst. Professor of Medicine at The Ottawa Hospital and the University of Ottawa. He received his medical undergraduate and postgraduate education at GMC Aurangabad, University of Marathwada, India and subsequently completed fellowship in Nephrology and awarded Doctorate of Medicine from University of Mumbai, India.

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Kevin Burns MD FRCPC

Chair, Kidney Research Centre, University of Ottawa

Dr. Burns is the Program Director of the KRESCENT Program (Kidney Research Scientist Core Education and National Training Program).

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Meet the Members of Ottawa’s Department of Medicine, Division of Nephrology

Nephrology Staff: Academic Track (clinical Focus)

  • Dr. Ayub Akbari, Clinician-Investigator (CKD & Pre-Dialysis care)
  • Dr. Robert Bell, Clinician-Educator (In-patient care, Hemodialysis)
  • Dr. Mohan Biyani, Clinician Teacher (Home Dialysis)
  • Dr. Pierre Antoine Brown, Clinician-Teacher (Informatics, Hemodialysis)
  • Dr. Ann Bugeja Clinician-Teacher (Living Kidney Donation, Hemodialysis, Hypertension)
  • Dr. Kevin Burns, Clinician-Scientist (Hemodialysis, Living Kidney Donation)
  • Dr. Edward Clark, Clinician-Teacher (Acute kidney injury and critical care nephrology)
  • Dr. Janet Davis, Clinician-Teacher (CKD & Pre-Dialysis care)
  • Dr. Cedric Edwards Clinician-Teacher (Acute kidney injury and critical care nephrology)
  • Dr. Todd Fairhead, Clinician-Scientist (Transplantation)
  • Dr. Swapnil Hiremath, Clinician-Investigator (Vascular Access, Acute Kidney Injury)
  • Dr. Stephanie Hoar Clinician- Educator (Transplantation)
  • Dr. Jolanta Karpinski, Clinician-Educator (Transplantation)
  • Dr. Greg Knoll, Division Head, Clinician- Investigator (Transplantation)
  • Dr. Susan Lavoie, Clinician-Teacher (Home Dialysis)
  • Dr. Peter Magner,  Clinician-Teacher & Administrator (Hemodialysis, Hypertension)
  • Dr. Brendan McCormick, Clinician-Teacher (Peritoneal Dialysis, Hypertension)
  • Dr. Steven Nadler, Clinician-Teacher & Administrator (Hemodialysis, CKD)
  • Dr. Marcel Ruzicka, Clinician-Investigator (Hypertension, Hemodialysis)
  • Dr. Manish Sood, Clinician Scientist (Hemodialysis)
  • Dr. Deborah Zimmerman, Clinician-Investigator (Home Hemodialysis)


  • Dr. Richard Hebert
  • Dr. Christopher Kennedy