Cardiac Oncology Research Fellowship


 Dr. Jeffrey Sulpher medical oncology resident, has been accepted as our first Cardiac Oncology Research Fellow (The University of Ottawa Medical Oncology Training Program, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre) and will commence his fellowship training in July 2013.


Interested in Applying?

Number available: 1 annually, starting July 1st

Amount: $76,210.00 (no benefits)

Application deadline: September 30th of year preceding start of fellowship

Contact Information:

Dr. Tim Asmis, Fellowship Program Director

c/o Arlette Mendicino

The University of Ottawa Medical Oncology Training Program

The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre

Box 900, 501 Smyth Road, Ottawa, ON K1H 8L6


Tel: (613) 737-7700 x70241 Fax: (613) 247-3528

How to apply:


The University of Ottawa Medical Oncology Training Program (MOTP) is affiliated with The Ottawa Hospital Caner Center (TOHCC) – a comprehensive cancer center with over 6500 new patient referrals and 220,000 follow-up visits per year. The Ottawa Health Research Institute (OHRI) is the research arm of the Ottawa Hospital which employs over 100 staff and 14 senior scientists. The TOHCC clinical trials office has over 70 active clinical trials across all disease sites, including a growing phase I/II and translational research program. The Fellowship program at the Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center is designed for trainees who have completed residency training in medical oncology. The structure of the program is individualized and is designed to build on the fellow’s interests and background.

Program Overview:

In 2008, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Center created a multidisciplinary team to facilitate rapid diagnosis and treatment of cardiac complications secondary to cancer therapy. While the initial focus of this dedicated cardiac oncology clinic pertained to women with early stage breast cancer exposed to chemotherapy +/- trastuzumab, the widespread adoption of targeted therapies in oncology has subsequently led to the referral of a much broader patient population. Between October 2008 and December 2010, 190 patients were referred to this dedicated cardiac oncology clinic, the majority (n=128) of whom were breast cancer patients.

The Cardiac Oncology Research Fellowship is designed to provide the opportunity for trainees to increase their knowledge and expertise in the detection and treatment of cardiac complications related to systemic therapy (including chemotherapy and targeted agents).

Clinical Component:

  • Two half day medical oncology clinics per week (1 day/week)
  • Two half day cardiac oncology clinics per month (1 day/month)

Research Component:

  • 2 days per week – educational research
  • 2 days per week – cardiac biomarker research

Program Objectives:

  1. Development of an educational pathway to increase health care providers’ awareness and understanding of the cardiac complications of cancer therapies.
  2. Development of at least 3 quality indicators for the assessment of the Cardiac-Oncology Clinic.
  3.  Design and implement a pilot study to assess novel cardiac biomarkers to detect early cardiotoxicity in cancer patients exposed to cardiac toxic agents.

Feedback and outcomes measures:

  • The fellow will meet with supervisors regularly (every 2 weeks) to ensure that satisfactory progress is being made
  • Proof of academic contributions related to projects
  • 2 papers submitted for publication
  • 1 grant application submitted
  • Integration with research team as demonstrated by presentation at rounds and feedback from research staff and students


Susan Dent, MD, FRCPC

Medical Oncologist, The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre

Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Clinician Researcher, OHRI

Chair, Canadian Cancer Oncology Network


Christopher Johnson, MD, FRCPC

Cardiologist, The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus

Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Ottawa

Associate Program Director, Internal Medicine Residency Training Program

Cardiology Education Coordinator

Clinician Educator, OHRI