Undergraduate Elective Opportunities

Members in the Department of Medicine provide significant leadership to Stage 1 of the undergraduate curriculum.  In 2008-2009, the Department provided approximately 30% of the teachers/leaders for the Year 1 and Year 2 curriculum by contributing to formal teaching as tutors of case-base learning session, giving lectures, small group seminars or workshops, teaching physical examination skills and mentoring portfolios.  Members serve as Block Chairs, Content Experts, coordinator of the Physical Skills Development Course, Link Block, and Back to Basics Course.

The Department is also responsible for organizing and implementing Stage 2 of undergraduate medical education including the coordination of the Year 3 medical clerkship and Year 4 selectives/electives.  The third year clerkship is a six-week rotation primarily organized through the General Medicine Clinical Teaching units at the General and Civic campuses of the Ottawa Hospital.  Fourth year students rotate through subspecialty services during a two-week selective and many elective students participate in rotations in various ambulatory and clinical departmental services.

Director of Undergraduate Education/Clerkship Coordinator: Dr. Heather Clark

Associate Director, General Campus: Dr. Isabelle Desjardins

Associate Director, Civic Campus: Dr. Vladimir Contreras-Dominguez

Undergraduate Education coordinators: Odile Kaufmann, Debbie Hall

For more information on how to apply for Department of Medicine electives, visit the University of Ottawa Electives Catalogue .