Research in General Internal Medicine

Research Programs

  • ICES@uottawa- health service research (led by Carl Van Walraven)
  • Data Warehouse- performance evaluation, quality and patient safety (led by Alan Forster)
  • VISION – Vaccine and immunization surveillance in Ontario (led by Kumanan Wilson)

2011 Research Productivity GIM

  • Total new Funding: $3 476 242 ($1 905 027 as PI)
  • Total Publications in refereed journals: 43 (36 as lead or senior)
  • Grad students: 12

Other Responsibilities include:

  • Organizing and teaching health database course
  • Organizing resident research day.
  • Director of ICES@Uottawa,
  • Scientific Director performance measurement
  • PhD committee, WHO committees, National Immunization Strategy task group

Medical Education Research

Presently there are 3 medical education career award educators who have salary support funded by the Department of Medicine.  Three internal medicine residents are presently involved in medical education research, two of which have obtained a formal grant money to do their work.

In 2011, the educators in our group have been busy presenting their work at local, national and international conferences. Research abstracts have been presented at the Canadian Conference on Medical Education (CCME), the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME), the International Conference on Residency Education (ICRE), the Research in Medical Education portion of the America Association of Medical Colleges (RIME/AAMC). Division members have also been asked to present workshops and to be involved as faculty both at the Canadian Leadership Institute for Medical Education (CLIME) as well as at the AAMC meetings. The group has published 5 publications in 2010, 2 publications are presently submitted for review and 6 manuscripts are advanced in their preparation and hopefully will be submitted in the next few months. Claire Touchie has been asked to collaborate on a book chapter on OSCEs for the Oxford Textbook of Medical Education.