Dermatology Postgraduate Program

What Our Residency Program Can Offer You.

Download 50th Anniversary Dermatology Residency Program Reunion booklet.

The Division of Dermatology, University of Ottawa, provides a well-balanced educational experience for residents in a small cohesive program. Residents are exposed to a wealth of clinical material at both the The Ottawa Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. In addition residents develop excellent dermatological surgical skills including MOH’s Surgery. Residents are taught Dermatopatholgy in seminars and electives with our experienced Dermatopathologist. Our division is recognized as a center of excellence in Contact Dermatitis, Skin Ulcer Care, MOH’s Surgery, and Laser Therapy. Our staff are experienced, friendly, and treat residents with respect.

Residents have a good teaching to service ratio. The program has 14 residents (PGY1-5) sharing on-call. Our weekly Academic half day includes Dermatology Rounds with interesting cases, Basic Science seminars, Therapeutics, Pathology, and Morphology.

Residents present both nationally and internationally. They also partake in clinical research projects which are usually published.

Residents have clinics and in-patient services at The Ottawa Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. The Division of Dermatology is based at the Civic site of the The Ottawa Hospital where there is a resident’s room with computer access.

Our residents spend at least one week in Nunavut during their program under the guidance of Dr. S. Shukle.

Notable Honours and Achievements

  • In 46 years of residency program, there have only been two failures.
  • Our division has always achieved full accreditation status.
  • Dr. Jackson founded our residency program and is still teaching our residents at the age of 84!
  • The division is proud to have Dr. Pratt ( a world class contact dermatitis specialist)
  • Harvey Finkelstein as being appointed as Royal College Examiner in Dermatology, and for his CDA Residents’ Award.


MS1 & MS2 – will not be accepting electives for levels 1 & 2 medical students. A possible suggestion for the students would be to contact dermatologists in their private practices for observorship.

Family Medicine Residents – will accept between January to June (first-come, first-served basis) – preferably for 2 weeks only to accommodate more requests)

Internal Medicine Residents – will accept between January to June (first-come, first-served basis) – preferably for 2 weeks only to accommodate more electives)

CaRMS Candidates

  • MS3 & MS4 – all Canadian University students – 4 year program (2 weeks only) – September to December
  • MS2 & MS3 – from McMaster University & University of Calgary – 3 year program (2 weeks only) – September to December

Sample Schedule

PGY1 – 13 block rotations distributed across Paediatrics, Wards, General Medicine (CTU), Rheumatology, Vascular surgery, Adultt and Pediatrics Emeregeny, Geriatrics, Plastic surgery and Dermatology.

PGY2 – 13 block rotations including Ambulatory Medicine and Pediatrics, General Medicine (CTU), Medical Oncology, Hematology, Rheumatology, Infectious Disease, Medical Genetics, Family Medicine and Dermatology.

PGY1 & PGY2 receive longitudinal pathology teaching at academic half day.



For further information, please contact:

Anne Grose, Program Administrator (

Tel: 613-798-5555 ext. 14774