Clinical Highlights in Critical Care

The Division of Critical Care Medicine cares for critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Units (ICU) at both the Civic and General Campuses.  Both ICUs work as medical-surgical units, with staff physicians providing 24-hour care for their patients.   The multi-specialty makeup of the Department enables clinical expertise in Medical, Surgical and Anesthesiology care to be provided to the ICU patients by the ICU staff physicians.

In addition to the Critical Care physicians, the ICU provides a high level of bedside care through its pool of experienced Registered Nurses (RN), Respiratory Therapists (RT), Clinical Pharmacists, Clinical Nutritionists, Physiotherapists (PT) and Occupational Therapists (OT).  This group of allied health professionals in the ICU ensures that the highest standards of multidisciplinary support and bedside care are provided to critically ill patients.   In addition, allied health professionals from the Pastoral Care and Social Work services provide support for the spiritual and social needs of critically ill patients and their families.  ICU allied health professionals participate not only in the bedside care of patients, but also attend daily ICU patient rounds, so that a truly multi-disciplinary and holistic approach to patient care is provided.

In addition to providing the highest standard of care for critically ill patients in the Intensive Care Units, Critical Care physicians, RNs and RTs also make up the Rapid Assessment of Critical Events (RACE) team.  This initiative, which Ottawa pioneered, enables experienced allied health professionals trained in the care of critically ill patients, to assist in the management of medical/surgical emergencies for Ottawa Hospital in-patients and has resulted in enhanced emergency care for our patients.

More information on the members and activities of the Department of Critical Care can be found on our website ( and the respective base departments’ websites.