Undergraduate Elective Opportunities

The Undergraduate Cardiology Teaching Program at the University of Ottawa is divided into preclerkship and clerkship components.  During the former, cardiology is taught with respirology, nephrology and oncology in an 18-week integrated Unit (Unit 1) during the first year in both the English and French language streams.  All members of our Division are wholehearted participants.

The cardiology undergraduate program always receives very positive evaluations and the content experts are highly regarded and have won teaching awards. Dedicated cardiology teaching during the clerkship years occurs during the Link, Clerkship and Back-to-basics components of the curriculum.  Many University of Ottawa medical students will also rotate through cardiology during their mandatory fourth-year selectives at both the Heart Institute and TOH-General Campus. Finally, there are numerous elective opportunities in cardiology open to medical students from across Canada which can be accessed through the University of Ottawa Faculty of Medicine Electives website: http://www.med.uottawa.ca/Students/MD/Electives/eng/